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1918 – A visit to Bulgaria

No, we did not actually visit Bulgaria in 1918. However, Earl found these postcards in his collection and we found some of the comments interesting, perhaps you will too. So enjoy a trip back in time almost 90 years ago.

This is the Opera House within a few minutes walk of our office. It will be opening again shortly so hope to give you a description of a show before long. There are several cinemas here but all closed. You will notice the roads are of concrete blocks and are never greasy. The dry in a few minutes.

This photo must have been taken after a very wet day as you could very nearly jump across this stream as a rule. There are one or two bikes knocking about here, old NSU’s and wanderers about six feet high with Insurance Agents handlebars. There are a fair amount of cars but many seem to be laid up for want of tyres.

I believe the building on the other side is a sort of cadet school. I have not yet seen it but believe it is somewhere on the outerskirts of the town.

The ladies on the other side are not native of Sofia but evidently country girls. Yesterday was Market Day and hundreds of them blew up for the day. The place is much colder than Salonica. They say that 40 inches of now is not uncommon in the middle of winter.

This is the principal street and leads to the station. The building with water cooling tower in center is the power station for cars and lighting. This town reminds me of Shelthenham. It is very clean and is all brand new. The shops are not so good but perhaps it isn’t fair to judge yet.

Am looking forward to paying a visit to the building on the other side which like most public buildings here are closed at present owing to the presence of the Spanish flu which has been pretty bad here. However, we understand they will be opening again shortly.

The monument on the other side is, I believe, the Russian who was instrumental in securing the liberty of Bulgaria. It is a very fine statue. The hills in the background are at present covered with snow which gets nearer every day. Worse luck.


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