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Two weeks of buffets

Well Earl turned 61 on 3/3. We decided to not spend the four hours driving to West Palm Beach to get the free T Bone dinner this year. We went to Bahamas Fish Market and had whole fried snapper instead. It was a treat as we haven’t had that dish for at least seven years.

The day after we met friends at the Japanese buffet, Shin Ju, for Earl’s official bday party.

Earl’s mother treated him to Chinese Super Buffet in the Hammocks for lunch last Friday. Our neighborhood Chinese restaurant, Tien Kue, changed its menu to an all-u-can eat Japanese buffet so we also had a chance to try that out.

Needless to say, the diet has taken a big hit these past two weeks.

On the other hand (or foot), I finally got back to walking the two miles on Monday nights with the Footworks group having been out of it for three weeks. However, the top of my left foot is bothering me. May have to change shoes.

Finally put together the new Optitrek exercise machine, which we are going to have to get used to using. Setup the DVR I got for my bday. It was delayed because the original unit didn’t work and had to be returned to the factory. Now we won’t have to watch any more commercials even though Earl loves the Geico caveman commercials.

Met my friend Madeleine at Museum of Art in Ft. Lauderdale to see the Cradle of Christianity exhibit which wasn’t cheap at $15 ea. There were only little snippets of dead sea scroll. The most interesting exhibits were replicas — one was of some poor crucified person’s heel bone with nail and the other, a large mosaic pilgrim’s map of the ancient world.

Classes at MDC are continuing to be boring. The one teacher gave us the midterm via email. Ran into a photography teacher at MDC (who I knew from NFAA) who told me about a presentation to be given by Cook & Jenshel.

Len & Diane are an older couple of published photographers from NYC — one shoots color and the other B&W, medium format using Mamiyas. Attended their slide show which was very interesting. They showed their work on the waterfronts of NYC, fences along the Mexican border (working project for a National Geographic article) and their latest project Moonlit Gardens. There were very weird color shifts on the moonlit gardens as the exposure runs about 3 hrs. Some the fences were too romantic for the topic matter on Mexican borders and will probably be removed in the final editing process. The waterfronts had some beautiful compositions.

A friend has offered us their 90 gallon fish tank. Whew, that’s going to be a chore getting to our apartment.

We got the go ahead for St. Petersburg trip for June. Earl’s stamp exhibit has been accepted. Got out the Russian audio CD, flash cards and other software to get ready for the trip. At least knowing some Bulgarian gives me a hook into the Russian language. Earl just has to dredge up memories from 40 years ago!

Last Saturday we went to Fairchild Tropical Gardens annual members meeting and picnic. They gave us free hotdogs and bromeliads. There was also a nice lecture about seaweed. Got a chance to watch “Carsâ€?, the latest Disney computer generated animation offering. It was much better than we were expecting. Also watched “Highlander 5: The Sourceâ€? from Russia which could have been worse.

Daylight savings time threw me for a loop as usual. Attended a Shostakovich Concert with our pal, Al, and Earl only slept thru a little of it. Then watched “The Prestigeâ€? which was okay. However, I thought “The Illusionistâ€? which came out around the same time and also about magicians was the more interesting movie.

Finally got around to selling some old stuff that had been sitting in the closet on eBay, making me a couple hundred dollars richer which helps pay for the new 500 gig hard drive and repairs to the portable camera card reader that broke last year when I was in Africa.

The flutist dropped the chamber music class, so we are asking Earl to help out with my guitar trio. Earl’s going to need to fix his violin’s shoulder rest — the rubber feet wore out a long time ago and figure out the fingerings as flute music isn’t necessarily violin-friendly.

Just got an email from an American/3rd generation Japanese guy I met in Africa last year. His website is

Steven’s site sort of inspired me to create this weblog.


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