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Bored, Board, Blog or Borg?

It’s been a pretty steady week of interfacing with the computer. Set up my blog. (twice — the first one didn’t play nice with IE) Set up a wiki which was fun, reminded me of the old bulletin board system days where you had to figure out how to get all the services to work. Ripped some old travel slideshows I had burned to DVD years ago and uploaded them to YouTube.

St. Patrick’s Day turned out to be super busy but still found time to go on a 2.5 mile walk with Jo on Lincoln Road. Caught the sunset on South Beach. The weather was pretty nice. However, didn’t get a chance to have corned beef and cabbage until tonight.

Sunday was the usual Earl mother visitation to take her grocery shopping. We did do something different this week and stopped at IHOP for pancakes. During the drive to and from Kendall we listened to Pimsleur Russian until Earl went into ADD shock.

Didn’t feel well on Monday so spent the day in bed. Tuesday, I posted my last eBay auction package in the mail — however, today I got a email complaint that the item wasn’t as described, so I’ll end up refunding $18. No big deal, I made over $500 in eBay sales this past month.

Earl joined me in Chamber Music class and felt the rehearsal of the guitar piece went well. Concert has been moved forward to April 10th.

Booked my flights for Baltimore with Southwest for May. Earl will only be going up for Nathan’s Bar Mitzvah, (5/10-5/14) but I’ll stay longer (5/10-5/23).

Trying a new language software called “Unforgettable Languagesâ€?. Its supposed to provide lots of mnemonics for remembering vocabulary. Will see how well it works for Russian.

MDC had various promos going on this week. One was advertising its wireless service with free coffee and cookies. Another was trying to let students know about the various student services with passport stamps, virtual photo postcard, a raffle for an iPod Nano, plus free food — hamburgers, hotdogs, and popcorn.

Marisa’s virtual postcard

A recruiter from Miami Dade Public Schools came and gave us cute green apple timers, triangular marking pens along with employment applications. The lady suggested that I should enlist to be a substitute teacher for the Chinese language classes. That might actually be fun!

Zai Jian (Chinese for CU L8R)


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