Galitz JE's

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Battle Stations

9:45 pm – Field Report on the 90 gallon fish tank maneuver.

The tactical exercise started early yesterday by fortifying the volunteer troops at base camp with waffles. The first challenge was moving the extremely heavy, old, battered cabinet that no one wanted to a local dump site. This cabinet had been inherited from a law firm some thirty years ago and had been placed in service as a stand for our 40 gallon hallway tank.

This piece of legalistic furniture had to be decommissioned to make room for the 90 gallon cabinet stand coming our way. Capt. Carrie’s hand truck made the situation bearable. With only a one point damage to the hallway, the cabinet was moved away from camp.

By noon it had been successfully disposed. With a grand salute and “heave ho” over the concrete wall it was launched into the industrial mass grave.

The next engagement was with the owner of the 90 gallon unit. After surveying the lay of the land, Capt. Carrie decided that the tank needed to be moved outside for closer examination and cleanup. Private Riley and Lt. Marisa were enlisted to help with the lift.

Small skirmish occurred when Lt. Earl wanted to keep the sand in the tank. Cpt. Carrie pulled rank and told him in no uncertain terms that sand was not acceptable cargo.

With innocent bystanders looking on, cabinet, lighting and other gear were loaded and carted back to base camp.

With only two points of damage to the hallway, (anyone got paint?) the 90 gallon cabinet had a new home.

Return to the field to get the 90 gallon tank. This was the most sensitive part of the operation. If there was any damage to the tank, the entire cause would be lost.

Handled with extreme care and caution, no points of damage occurred during transport or placement. Only Private Riley suffered a few battered fingers . With sighs of relief, the troops ran off to the closest Mexican border for dinner.


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