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Sump Thing Fishy

Even though Earl & I have had lots of experience setting up fish tanks, the 90 gallon came with a wet dry filtration system and sump which was a new system for us. I set it all up, stared at it and for the life of me couldn’t figure out how to get the sump primed. Earl also stared in bewilderment.

Time for google. Lots of searching got me this piece of information

Fill aquarium with water until water begins to fill the siphon overflow box (inside aquarium). Fill a portion of the pre-filter box (outside aquarium) until water begins to drain to the main filter below.

Expert’s Tip – Insert a small length of airline tubing into the siphon tube about halfway into the bend of the tube to start siphon.

We found the airline tubing in the filter box. Yeah, we could suck on it and get water to flow through it, but that wasn’t going to get the whole filter running….

Time for even more google. Aha!


One doesn’t suck water through the airline tubing, one sucks air out of the U tube once both sections of the U tube are submerged underwater. Obviously, so obvious, no one mentioned it when creating factoids about setting up and building sump systems.


Okay, we got the U tube primed and now the filter was making loud slurping noises. I didn’t recall it making such a racket back at the tank’s previous owner’s home. More google. Answers mostly involved playing with the tubing. After numerous tries, finally got the slurping quieted down but it was also time for bed! The fish will just have to spend the night in buckets.


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