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April foolish daze

Wow time is certainly flying by. The past two weeks have been jammed packed with schoolwork, rehearsing for the chamber music concert and general cleaning up. The 90 gallon fish tank project generated a lot of extra house work as lots of things had to be moved around.

Passover was spent with a friend from out of town. We went out to a Lebanese Restaurant in South Miami which was expensive and not very interesting.

My friend and associate, Todd, resigned from his I.T. position of 7 years so I cooked us all a nice T-bone steak dinner. I figure it’s not every day one quits their job.

Earl went fishing out in the Everglades last weekend. The water wasn’t as low as it has been in the past few months so he got a nice catch. One of the fish appears to be a baby bass. He threw back the 4 inch warmouth he caught. You can’t keep one in an aquarium and expect to have any other fish left.

Got around to transferring the DV tapes that Uncle Seth took of us in China 2002 into the computer and will start loading them to YouTube as time permits. Also, scanned and uploaded the snapshots that were taken of me in Africa by other people. A lot of folks have complained that there weren’t many pictures of me in Africa so this will remedy that.

It’s already midnight so signing off…


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