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Yearly review

Well, its been a year since I quit my day job and its been quite a year too. What a pleasure it was to be free to travel. Hiking the Alps and roaming Africa were certainly new stretches beyond the usual comfort zone for me. Going back to college to work on a Bachelors Degree is fun even if not exactly challenging for the moment. Even these past few weeks have been exciting with studying Russian and learning the cello.

I’ve had plenty of freelance work to keep me going in pin money and not doing the daily slog has given me some time to learn the newer technologies. Actually, I have to turn down work as I really don’t want to work more than a couple of days a week.

Health wise still doing okay, could lower my cholesterol — at 215 its still a little high. Going to have to strike fried foods from my diet. Could do better with my exercise routine — I think I was in the best shape last February 2006 when training for a trip to the Grand Canyon. As for making new friends — I’ve met quite a few new people this year but not sure if any of them will be constant, but that’s life.

So much for the retrospective.

These past couple of weeks were mostly finishing up classes and working long hours helping a CPA do tax returns. The highlight was the chamber music concert where I played classical guitar in a trio by Matiegka. I made an audio recording but its not worth posting. It was nice seeing Tanya and Josef at the Bulgarian Easter Picnic but they are getting older and older. Finally finished watching this season’s “24â€? . Earl had wanted to watch the show because he had heard there was lots of “blowing upâ€?. By the end even he admitted that the show was NOT relaxing. We didn’t watch the last episode because I was afraid it was going into a new story arc.


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