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Endings and Beginnings

The last week of classes. Everyone was ready for the end, even goodbyes were sweet and short. It is said that this past term feels the longest for students because there aren’t many holidays between January and April. Decided against taking classes over the summer. I need a break, want to practice the cello and will be traveling.

Took advantage of having a free day to clean up some files, invoice clients, etc. Starting updating a script for a client and made the mistake of trying to clear up the previous editor’s formatting. Talk about cascading failures — now I’ll have to go line by line in 60 pages of script to fix the fonts. Had an out-of-town guest drop by one day and we sat by the pool and had lunch out at Bayside Hut on Key Biscayne. Bayside Hut is one of those little places that only the locals seem to know about and where one can get a good grilled fish sandwich for only $6.

Went to MDC’s musical performance of “Nunsenseâ€?. Lots of fun and one of MDC’s better efforts. Of course, this time I didn’t bring a video recorder because neither Earl nor I had to play in the orchestra.

Our pal, Al, who had been very sick with a bad cold for the past few weeks came over last Sunday. We watched “Day for Nightâ€? by Francois Truffaut. It’s one of Earl’s favorite movies. Also tried out Costco’s thick lamb chops. Marinated them in red wine and herbs, seared them in the frying pan and then roasted them at 525 degrees. Came out pretty good. Earl was enthusiastic about buying the lamb chops because they were so cheap at Costco versus ordering them at a restaurant.

Another work project has been trying to reconcile a law firm’s trust account (not Earl’s). Amazing that they have $200,000 in the bank that they are not sure how to distribute. Hope I can get this finished by next week.

Playing the cello has had some interesting side benefits. Met a bunch of cello bloggers and they have been very supportive of my efforts. Also gave me the courage to video myself. Its actually a good learning tool to see oneself objectively. If you’re interested it’s at my cello blog at

On a whim I checked my retirement accounts and they are up over $10k from last December. Earl declared a stock market holiday so we ended up going out with Todd to the Tien Kue buffet.

Had a nice game night with our friends who play Pinochle. Baked tilapia with salsa and cheese, made my much raved-about multigrain rice and threw in a side of okra and tomatoes for dinner. We lost the pinochle game but I did much better than usual in Scrabble.

Not much exercise, but did get a 3 mile walk in with Jo around Brickell Key last Tuesday. It’s getting hot outside for this kind of activity.

Helping a neighbor with her 6 year old boy who is trying to learn the violin on Saturdays. She wants to enroll him in the youth symphony but he doesn’t know how to read music yet. It’s interesting and I get to use some of the teaching tips I learned in class.


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