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It was only an hour flight to Boston. The flight was just long enough for me to finish the Air Tran magazine’s crossword puzzle. We arrived around 1 pm and took a taxi from the airport to our hotel which was 7 miles away.

Our Amerisuite hotel room is pretty fancy. It has wrap around couch, a 42 inch plasma tv and free wireless internet.

Earl’s complaining that it’s silly of me to take his picture.

Nina’s husband, Danny, needed a nap desperately so Earl deferred his immediate desire to check out the town. We ended up going out for late lunch / early dinner around 3 pm. Nina decided to stay in and nurse her cold.

So we took a nice walk around Medford, Massachussets founded in 1630.

Earl & Marisa with the Cherry Tree. Spring comes later here…

Earl thinks Medford’s cute with its juxaposition of run down and revitalized sections

Downtown had lots of Asian cuisine — Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai plus two donut shoppes. Of course, with Earl we ended up eating at Chilli-Garden Sichuan Chinese Restaurant where he got sliced Lamb with Leeks. Danny got the House Special Chicken with Dried Peppers — which was very good for raising one’s body temperature. There was plenty of food to share so I didn’t order anything other than a large hot and sour soup.

On the way back we stopped at the ubiquitous CVS so Danny could get a tube of toothpaste. Got some drinks for our hotel fridge and other snacks.


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