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Bar Mitzvah & Pie

Weather was beautiful today in Medford. Just a touch of coolness in the shade. We had our buffet breakfast at 7 am. The bar mitzvah ceremony for Nathan started at 9:30 am. It was reconstructionist style. The service ended around 12:30 pm. It felt rather long but Nina tells us that her son’s was even longer. Lots of people got to read from the Torah. Had a nice reception in the same building at Springstep. Nathan’s dad even played a little klezmer music. After the tables were rolled up at 4 pm. we continued the party at our hotel which was only a block away. I took a break to upload all the photos and videos I took of the day. The cousins had Chinese and Italian food delivered for dinner. The party expanded over three hotel rooms. It’s only 10:30 pm now but Earl says it feels much later and I agree. Tomorrow will be more celebrating with a brunch at the parents home before we catch our evening flight back to Baltimore.

Pie was a Bar Mitzvah Theme

Earl’s sister, Nina, shared old photographs with the cousins

An old photo of Butchie & Earl (and Richard)

A newer photo of Butchie & Earl

Left to right: Shirley (Butch’s wife), Butch, Earl & Cousin Barbara

More photos at:
Nathan’s Bar Mitzvah Photo Album
Mazel Tov
Chair Hora
Nathan Feels Good
More Ab Lib


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