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Happy Trails, Sort of…

Today we took a little hike near Nina’s home called “Soldier’s Delight”.

Local lore states that soldiers stationed here were “delighted” that the open nature of the landscape lessened the possibility of being surprised by the enemy.

View from Red Dog Lodge

It’s supposed to have some of the most interesting flora on the East Coast with 39 rare and endangered species.

Most of the wildflowers are small and delicate

We were going to take Serpentine Trail, a 2.2 mile circuit. However, we took a wrong turn at the Red Dog Lodge. As we tried out various “this looks like a trail” turns we wandered through grasslands, fields of flowers, brambles and finally an appliance graveyard. With dazed and confused exclamations of “Yuck! this can’t be the right trail”, we backtracked and finally found the real trail and had lunch. After the unexpected backcountry hike, the main trail seemed a bit anticlimatic. I suspect we took a hunter’s trail by accident. Thank goodness it wasn’t hunting season!


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