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Life with Dogs

Crawled out of bed after 12 hours of sleep (yahoo, finally getting enough sleep) and the house was quiet so assumed Nina was out taking the dogs for a walk. Had breakfast of waffles with blueberries, checked my email, etc. Looked up and it was already noon. Went upstairs and there’s Nina sick as a dog with symptoms of food poisoning. Oops. Yesterday was her birthday and we had a big dinner with the family — T bone steaks all around. No one else is ill. Anyway, brought her some water.

Nina’s son, Adam, who had been out till 4 am playing poker, was just getting up. Fed him some waffles and we decided to go to the movies. Walked to the theater as it was only a mile away and saw “Fracture” which is fun if one doesn’t think too hard about it.

Then Adam was off to another card game and I figured I’d play “substitute-Nina” and feed the dogs and get something ready for Nina’s husband, Danny, for dinner. Couldn’t find any dog food. Hmmm. Nina had mentioned that she had been making home-made dog food since the scare. There was leftover chicken from a couple of days ago in the fridge so decided to use that to make some chicken soup and dog food. Made a concotion of multi-grain quaker cereal, vegetable rice, egg and chicken for the dogs. They were very appreciative but kept looking for more food to magically appear. Danny had two bowls of soup and also looked around for other snacks. Guess he felt like one of the dogs tonight.


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