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May Daze

Between traveling to visiting friends and family and being under the weather this past week, I’ve been feeling pretty guilty about not being able to get much work, exercise, and cello practice done this month.

Did get to see “Spiderman 3â€? and “Fractureâ€? at the movies. Both okay but “Spiderman 2” was the best of the series and one shouldn’t think too hard about “Fracture’sâ€? plot. Because I haven’t felt well enough to do anything else, got to watch a bunch of videos at home: Idiocracy (tragic comic prophetic political movie?), The Joy Luck Club (this one was torture for Earl who dubbed it a girlie movie), Assassination Bureauâ€? (fun oldie with Diana Rigg) along with a few documentaries “BBC’s Weird Nature and Comic Book Heroes Unmaskedâ€?.

Earl’s having conniptions because his new passport hasn’t arrived and its two weeks before the trip to St. Petersburg. He sent it for renewal on 3/27. He can’t reach the passport office by email or phone. They don’t even take messages. Also, he still needs to get a Russian Visa. I waited too long myself and will have to do the 3 day expedited visa process. Guess I was thinking subconsciously that we should submit our passports together for the visas. The worse case scenario will be that I’ll have to go to St. Petersburg by myself.


One response to “May Daze

  1. Al_ski May 31, 2007 at 2:40 pm

    If men watch too many “girlie” movies they end up wearing pink undies 🙂 Exception for Jamie Lee Curtis “girlie” movies!

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