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1st Day in St. Petersburgh

Our room at Nord Hostel is very spacious with sofa and two easy chairs. We share a bath with one other private room. We slept until 11. Earl had pate with toast for breakfast while I had yogurt and granola.

We took a walk and found a museum of musical instruments — it is the largest collection in the world. There were pocket violins, glass harmonium, folk instruments, hurdy gurdies and other rare instruments, besides a full horn orchestra.

The concert there was wonderful. Piano duets of Weber, Rubenstein, a modern Russian composer, Poulenc and conservatory students — strings, woodwinds and percussion — came to play St Saens “Carnival of the Animals” which was really really exciting.

Had dinner at a Georgian Restaurant where we shared a spicy meatball soup, eggplant strips rolled around spicy shredded carrots and walnut sauce, and fish (pike) with pomegranate sauce.

So far Peter is “Great”


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