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Day 2 – Pete – Bad News, Good News

In the tradition. Bad News first.

I lost my camera. Lost pics of a Russan Wedding, the tourist “We’re here” shot at the Church of Blood where Alexander II was assassinated by a bomb. This church looks a lot like St. Basil’s — the famous church in Moscow on Red Square. Lost video of “the Swan” and “Finale” from Carnival of the Animals at the music concert, pics of pocket violins and other strange musical instruments. Lost pic of “Grail” anise flavored soda pop. That was the last picture I took at the restaurant last night and haven’t seen my camera since. I either left it at the restaurant or put it in my pocket and I missed and it fell on the floor. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t pick pocketed as I was also wearing a rain poncho last night. Oh well. We walked back to the restaurant this morning but as I suspected, no one there knew of any camera being left behind. It was a different staff anyway. This was the same camera that survived being dumped into the river in Africa.

Good News…
I only lost one day’s worth of pictures and videos. We walked Nevsky Prospect (the big street) in St. Petersburgh and found a Panasonic shop which had the exact same model of camera that I had lost and it didn’t cost too much to replace. Also picked up a $10 travel hairdryer at the Panasonic store. I haven’t seen a cheap little hairdryer in Miami. My last one died of old age last year.

Earl found the wonderful fresh market and got pickled veggies, smoked fish and fresh farmer style cheese (the type they scoop up and roll into a ball). We found the regular market and got some eggs, bread, beer and beverages. We’re all set for food as we have a full kitchen which is practically private in our area at the hostel. The guys in the next private room in our area have left so we may have the whole area to ourselves now.

Weather: Rainy today. Yesterday was nice in the 70’s though it started to rain last night.

Language: the word for violin in Russian means “to scratch”

Food: Anise flavored soda pop which is bright green tastes pretty good. Today’s beverage is molasses flavored.

Forgotten info from last post: Other pieces from the two hour concert — Faure and Gavrilin pieces for four hands.

Annoyances: being buzzed by mozzies. The guide book was correct that mosquitoes like to hang out in St Pete. At least they don’t carry disease and their bites don’t seem to sting. They just like to hummmm which can be annoying when one is sleeping.

People: Met some interesting folks at the hostel – A korean guy who was adopted by Swedes as a baby during the 1970s — he considers himself Swedish despite how he looks so had ideas about nature/nurture and culture, and an Italian fellow who just came back from working in China for a year and was learning mandarin.


One response to “Day 2 – Pete – Bad News, Good News

  1. Aldimir June 19, 2007 at 7:02 pm

    My mouth is watering at all those tasty treats 🙂

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