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Day 3 + 4 Pete

Spent most of today in the Russian Museum. This musee is chocked full of Russian art starting with the icons taken from churches during the soviet era to modern day stuff which was hidden during the Stalinist era. The folk art is also very nice — lace, woodcraft, ceramics of fantasy animals. The big hit “Haulers on the Volga” we actually have seen before on tour in America. Still there was lots of huge art to see. Earl was dismayed because he originally thought we could see everything in a couple of hours. We had lunch in the cafe there and ended up with salmon on toast because the lady at the counter didn’t understand Earl’s Russian. We also splurged and got a cheesecake which had something like cranberry on top. Beer is cheaper than bottled water in most of the restaurants.

Yesterday, Earl got to stuff himself full of philatelia. He got to see all the great Russian stamp rarities and critique fellow Bulgarian exhibitors. We had Turkish food (buy by weight) for lunch and continued to work on the pickled vegetables and smoked fish for dinner. The exhibition hall is next to St. Isaak’s Square where there is a huge line to climb 262 stairs to the top. One section has a stairway that’s looks a little shaky. Earl says he’s not paying money to be scared.

Visited Earl’s cousin’s friend near the Hermitage at 10pm and was treated to a nearly deserted Hermitage square in the rain. Would have made a nice photo except that right now they have scaffolding up for a concert.

Booked a tour for Novogorad for Sunday. It will be in Russian, which is okay for us cheap tourists. Instead of costing $300 it will only be $80 for the two of us.


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