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Day 5 + 6 Pete

Yesterday we followed one of the fellow hostelers to the Ethnographic Museum for World Cultures which included Peter the Great’s collection of oddities. These oddities included teeth he had pulled personally doing dentistry, various pickled deformed parts and other “monsters” that I won’t go into detail here. Earl went through that section very fast. Earl did find a section on Karelia which was particularly interesting to him as he had done his masters thesis on that region. We had Turkish for dinner — kebabs, creme mushroom salad, herring, etc.

Today we tackled the Hermitage. A true feet tiring expedition. We did manage to find huge slews of passages that were tourist free — i.e. prehistoric, bronze age, and Central Asian exhibitions. We also focused on seeing the special exhibitions — there was one that featured Treasures from the Shanghai Museum — saw a few pieces I don’t remember seeing when I was there. The western art and palace areas had people on tours jammed like sardines in the halls. Most folks allow two days to do the Hermitage.


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