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Days 7 – 8 – 9 – Piter

We paid homage to dead Russian Composers on Saturday. Tried out the Metro which was fun, no visible rails, just doors that open directly onto the train. Also, this Metro is supposedly the deepest in the world. It was a long escalator ride into its depths. Then we took in another local concert of organ music and tenor arias. It was in a military academy complex ex-palace church so we got extra tourism. Saturday night was also the big White Nights Party. Miles of people along the Nevsky Prospect and the Neva river. There was music and fireworks. We did not participate in this St. Petersburg Mardi Gras. We had to get up early the next morning to take our Sunday day tour to Novgorod.

Novgorod was a 3 hr bus ride. It was definitely worthwhile to visit the old medieval capital city of Russia. Surprizingly, it had a beach besides 10th century cathedrals. We also took in an open air museum of local architecture — wooden building reminiscent of Norway and Finland and a monastery. We took a russian tour so we wouldn’t have to worry about transport from place to place.

Today, Earl checked into the stamp show and found that he had won a vermeil award (4th award). I slept till noon. We had lunch of herring and dark bread and then took a canal boat ride. The boat ride was interesting because it went under a lot of bridges, some so low, we had to duck. It started to rain near the end of the cruise so we called it a day. We have to get up at 4am tomorrow to catch our transport to the airport.


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