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Food and Fourth

Yesterday was our friend, Tanya’s, 80th birthday. Her party was held at an all-you-can eat Chinese Buffet in North Miami. This restaurant was almost a twin of the place we had eaten last Sunday in Kendall with Earl’s mother who treated us to welcome home lunch.

Today, Earl’s mother’s ACLF gave a BBQ so we filled up on ribs, chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, pie, etc. etc. Passed out for the afternoon and then visited a friend over on Miami Beach to watch fireworks.

We walked through Lincoln Road with its various people and dogs on display. Had coffee at “Books and Books”. Watched a couple of guys playing “Go” and chatted with folks we met. Saw a demonstration of the I-Phone.

I took along some Tyvek and we used that to sit on the sand. There were lots of amateurs shooting off fireworks on the beach. The show began around 9 pm and it had quite a variety. I was surprized by how quickly each batch of fireworks were lit. Barely one set had finished exploding before the next set was being exploded. I remember fireworks where there were pauses between sets to let the smoke clear and the sparklers fade. Because of the fast timing, the show was finished in 15 minutes.

The weather was very hot and humid with no breeze. Tobacco, alcohol, and pot scented the air. The mosquitoes found me attractive but did not bother Earl. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out for an evening of fireworks. I would have enjoyed the evening more if it had been 20 degrees cooler!


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