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Hairspray and Whole Fried Snapper

Earl’s sister’s family came down from Baltimore for Earl’s mother’s birthday yesterday and we all went out to see “Hairspray“.
Knowing nothing about the show, I was skeptical – how good could a musical about a beauty salon and John Travolta in drag be?
Anyway, it turned out to be a really swell movie about a 1960s dance show and desegregation. It was very charming even though one knows that historically, it could never have happened. My sister-in-law told me that 1) there actually had been TV dance show in Baltimore that got shut down for trying to integrate and 2) the Edna role has always been played by a man. So it was a cheery afternoon, plus I got an education in musical theater and Baltimore history to boot.

Afterwards we trooped out to Bahamas Fish Market (133 Ave and Bird Road) and ate whole fried snapper. Tried Natilla (egg custard) for the first time. Quite a feast!


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