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Day 1 – Cappadocia Continued

Walked down pıgeon valley whıch ıs nearby. Unfortunately, no pigeons. A few steep spots. Finally found a walking stick and that makes it easier. Came back to pension for lunch as couldn’t find the restaurants. Went up to Ulchisar castle for sunset. The atmosphere is pretty clear so one can see the surrounding countryside for miles. I found that’s where all the restaurants and tourist shoppes are as the tour buses go there. Went ahead and bought all my souveniers. Saw a real turkey (and some chickens). Otherwise not much wildlife. The hazzan goes off every few hours. He has quite a job. Also announcements for the town come over the loudspeaker. Otherwise very quiet town. Full moon tonight. Got lost walking back from the Castle but it didn’t matter as the town is small enough that eventually I found my way back.

Had dinner of chicken, tomatoes, peppers and onions and soup. Proprietor here insists on feeding me full meals, no such thing as just a salad. I’ll have to be firmer tomorrow. Looks like some tourists came in for the weekend. I see some Germans and some locals are staying here now.


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