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Day 1 – Cappadocia

Arrived here at Pension Maison du Reve at 10pm last night. It was an easy 70km drive from airport. Interesting to do all the car rental paperwork on the trunk of the car using a flashlight in the airport parking lot. Received good directions for escaping Kayseri Airport. The roads were good and very little traffic. Ulchisar castle and Goreme’s landscape is all lit up at night but my camera is not sensitive enough to take night photos. The hazzan went off around 5am with about 8 chants before calling it a morning. Still I slept till 9:30 (set the alarm) and forced myself up so I could get breakfast of cheese, bread, olives, fruit and hard boiled egg. Appears I’m the only tourist here, which is bad for finding friends but good for accessing internet. Weather looks good — should be in the 60’s today. Manager here says the busiest time of year is July and August — its also the hottest with temperatures over 100 degrees.


One response to “Day 1 – Cappadocia

  1. A. Vessel October 26, 2007 at 11:22 am

    Glad to hear you arrived ok. Have phun 🙂

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