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Reporting in from Istanbul

It took me a couple of days to discover the free internet here at the Nippon Hotel in Istanbul. .

I had decided to turn in the car at Kayseri airport at 6pm. Had a mild anxiety attack when the rental car guy didn’t show up at the appointed time. Gave a call on my cell after 15 minutes and he seemed surprised that I was at the airport but said he’d be there in five minutes. He said I was an hour early. I was not aware that there had been a time change.

Met up with Earl on Sunday night. The hotel gave him a huge suite with jacuzzi as there were no other rooms available. However, they switched us out for a small room with a view of a wall on Monday. Monday, we spent the day with our Bulgarian friends who came to visit us. We were treated to a mixed meat BBQ (firewood grilled) dinner and watched the immense fireworks display for National Independence Day over the Bosphorus.

Tuesday, we took the hour bus ride to the stamp show which is being held in the same location as a huge international book fair. Our Turkish friend took us out for dinner of miscellaneous seafood.

Today, we went to the Military Museum and watched the band play. Earl bought some souvenirs and rakia. Had a snack at a corner lokanta where the owner showed off his daughter. Tonight we have a stamp party at 8:30 pm. Earl is taking a nap now so I snuck off to the internet.


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