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Thought I’d upload a post before we leave Chicago tomorrow morning. We arrived at 8 am last Wednesday. Caught a special suburb cab to the Stamp Show’s official hotel for $25* – the Sheraton in NW Chicago’s Arlington Heights. Then we walked over to our more reasonably priced Motel 6 which was a mile away because of the expressway. If the interstate hadn’t been in the way it would have been a very close walk. After some “iffy” directions, and walking quite a way in the wrong direction, we eventually found the Metra train stop at Arlington Park so we could get to downtown Chicago.

Earl had been about ready to give up as we probably walked about 3 miles before we found the Metra and it was still an hour train ride to actually get to downtown Chicago. It cost $8 pp each way.

We met our friend, Matt, for pizza. Matt has been living in Chicago for a couple of years going to the University of Chicago’s Law School. He took us to see the new Millenium Park which has a neat stainless steel sculpture. I understand the natives call it “the Bean”.

Then we walked over to the Hancock Building.

We went to the 96th floor for drinks rather than pay the $11 each to visit the observatory tower which is only 4 floors higher. As it was Earl wouldn’t even get near the windows to look out over the city.

After this full day of walking — probably 8 miles or more, Earl declared Chicago off limits. We’ve been at the stamp show ever since. Not getting any more walking in as there is always someone that will give us a ride to and from the Sheraton to our Motel 6. Still it’s been a nice visit and there’s wireless internet access here at the Sheraton so I was able to do a lot of work on the website for the stamp club. Been visiting friends and eating tons. Earl received the reserve grand award for his exhibit on Southern and Northern Bulgaria 1879 – 1893.

The weather has been nice — in the 40’s although Earl says its freezing.

Photos are from the web.
*Another friend took a regular cab by accident and it cost him $46.


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