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Must Have Been Good This Year

We don’t actually exchange gifts in our household. However, new things occasionally pop up. Our old TV was fading away, so we went to Best Buy and found a 26 inch HDTV flat screen to replace it on sale ($150 off) and we had a coupon for another 10% off. Set it up this evening with a little help from our friends. THANKS GUYS!

Upgraded my phone to a LG Rumor. It’s very nice for text messaging and email.

Got myself an I-pod nano 3G for my birthday and trip to Turkey. It replaces an old first generation shuffle. It’s fun for listening to podcasts. Used some Amazon coupons to get an FM transmitter for the car for it.

Found a barely used Thermarest (Sleeping bag inflatable pad) on eBay and got it for a song.

So we’ve done our part to help the economy these past two months and it really didn’t have anything to do with the holidays.

Hope Santa was good to y’all too.


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