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Year in Review

Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Hope this note finds you well. It’s always nice to take a moment to say hello. Life goes by so quickly.

Earl & I have been pretty lucky this year. Travel began in May with a trip to Boston for a family Bar Mitzvah. June found us in St. Petersburg, Russia where I found us a nice private room in a hostel to stay for the week. There we met an interesting America couple with a small child who had been in Riga for a fellowship. Earl showed his World War I at the stamp show there and got a Vermeil.

Short trip to Baltimore for the Ottoman Near East Philatelic Society over Labor Day weekend and then off to Turkey in November for the International Stamp Show Balkanfilia. I went a few days earlier to explore the center of Turkey — Cappadocia which has very interesting geology. The caves there have been occupied since prehistoric times. We refreshed our tourism of Istanbul and ate lots. Came back and a week later had to go to Chicagopex for the Czech Society meeting and its Pan Slavic Show. It didn’t snow but Earl won the reserve grand for his Classics.

On the pet side, we received a pair of lovebirds this year. One didn’t make it. However, the parakeets have adopted “Hamlet” as one of their own. We were also gifted a 90 gallon fishtank.

I’ve been busy learning the cello since the summer. Found one on Craigslist for $200 used — retail cost $1,200 and decided to take it up as my chamber music class is always short for cello players. Started a blog to post about cello and other stuff I’m studying.

This fall, I went back to college full-time to finish my Bachelor’s Degree. I had to take some social science classes as my CLEP scores were too old for credit toward the degree. Also took Musical History which wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

Earl’s mother starting to decline mentally the past few months but that’s to be expected at age 92. Also we think a high fever she had last month might have fried her brain a little.

This month I’ve gotten into Facebook and Drawspace. I like Facebook much much more than MySpace. It’s an interesting experiment in six points of separation and in viral systems. I never bothered posting anything to MySpace. Started drawing again after a hiatus of thirty years and have been posting it online at the gallery. Click here to see my gallery. I’ll add a link on my blog as well.

Gadget wise: Upgraded my 1st generation I-pod shuffle to a 3rd generation nano. New 26 inch HDTV for the home and a new LG Rumor cell phone.

I guess that’s all the highlights. Love to all and may 2008 be good to you.


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