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No Blood For You

I was waylaid by the vampires during lunchtime today.
“Give blood?” they plead.
“Okay”, say I, “but you rejected me for lack of iron the last few times.”
“Let’s give it a try”…”You’re iron is fine today”
I think, “Well, the iron supplements I’ve been taking must have helped.”
“Wow, you’re Type AB. Would you mind donating plasma?”
“Sure, why not”
“Actually, you should never give whole blood, only plasma”
“So I’ve heard”
“AB is so rare, only 1 in 200 people have it”
New Vampire:
“Gee, your veins are small…I’m not comfortable about trying to get through to those veins”
Old Vampire:
“Those veins are fine, if you saw the veins I had to work with yesterday”
New Vampire:
“But they told me not to try if I’m not comfortable”
Old Vampire:
“Just do it”
New Vampire:
“Urg, I missed”
Old Vampire:
“Can we do your other arm?”
“Nope, I’m outta here”


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