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Birthday Season

A majority of my friends have birthdays in February and March. Saturday was a surprize 70th bday party for a fellow cellist. It was an interesting because there were professional string players who played a movement from a Ravel and Brahms SQ. Also a guest appearance by Ida Haendel, a very powerful violinist who is now in her mid-eighties.

Earl’s #62 was today. It was low-key with a big breakfast at Denny’s and a trip to Fairchild Gardens to see the new Botero exhibit.

As a student of MDC, I received 4 free passes for two to the Miami International Film Festival. Friday we went to see Katyn which is as depressing as one would expect from a story about the Soviet massacre of Poles in WWII. Sunday we saw the restored 3 hour version of Once Upon a Time in the West. Tonight we went to see Mongol – the first chapter of the story of Genghis Khan. Wednesday will be a Hungarian comedy.

I’ve settled in a routine of subbing on Mondays and Fridays, Tutoring, running errands and chamber music class on Tuesdays, doing taxes on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and going up to Suzuki Music Academy on Saturdays.

Guess I’m destined to be always busy. I remember writing letters when I was a child that stated. Dear XX, How are you? I am very busy.


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