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Greetings from Sofia

We had a nice long flight to Sofia. Left 11:30 am and arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria 6:45 pm the next day. Sofia is zoned 7 hours ahead of Miami. We had to change planes twice and there were 3 hour layovers. Also, the Supershuttle picked us up 3 hours early for our flight out of Miami. Airplane food on Delta was truly unremarkable.

Earl’s friend, Vic, picked us up at the airport. We dropped our stuff at the hostel and went out to dinner. Earl had a chance to get his tripe soup and we had fried carp with lemon dill fried sliced potatoes for dinner. Vic ordered us dessert and we ended up with an overabundance of palachinta (crepes) with raspberry and strawberry jam. Our hostel has a private bathroom but not much in the way of tables, drawers, or shelving. Earl says it reminds him of the old places he used to stay when you found lodging in someone’s home for the night. It has free internet and wi-fi so that’s always a plus in my eyes. Weather should be nice — forecast is 60’s in the evening, low 80’s for the day. We’re off to see the dentist today.


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