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Touring Sofia

Weather has been very warm during the day but at least the evenings cool off. Finally did some tourism yesterday. We went up to the nearby mountain top with a young Czech couple we met at the hostel. The chair lift ride (over 30 minutes) was lots of fun and only cost 6 leva (about $4). Earl had to wait for us as he doesn’t like hikes nor heights. Glad the couple wanted to go as I wouldn’t have made the trip on my own. We were already near the mountain because we were visiting the National History Museum out in the suburbs. The other couple wanted to go to Mt. Vitosha so we dragged Earl along. It was nice having another couple as we shared a taxi a couple of times rather than spending the same amount on buses. It was much faster traveling by cab. I went to Mt. Vitosha in 1989 but it was foggy so only ate at a cafe and didn’t go up the mountain.

Today we went to the Military Museum that was being just being built when we last visited Bulgaria. Most of the museum signs were in English which took away most of the guesswork. Tonight we meet our friends (the wife is our dentist) for Italian food downtown. We are enjoying our stay in the hostel as we’ve met a lot of friendly folks during breakfast.


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