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Vienna, Sofia & Thessaloniki

Booked my flights for May / June today.

Earl will be official U.S. commissioner for the Bulgarian show May 25 – June 1st so his travel plans are pretty firm.  

I won 3 free nights in Vienna plus a tour last year from wombats-hostels / so will fly first to Vienna.  I had to hurry and book my flight Vienna – Sofia this morning as Vic alerted me to a special deal for 96 euros RT with Austrian Air.  That’s about the same fare as the overnight bus and much more comfortable.  Also went ahead and booked my flight for Miami to Vienna with The price seemed reasonable at $785.  

Wombats recommended the bicycle wine country tour.  I missed out on the South African wines because I was the designated driver so figured this would be an opportunity to actually do some wine tasting.  I could have chosen the Danube river monastery tour, but figured it would be just too relaxing for my first day in Vienna.

Vic might take me hiking with his family while I’m in Sofia.  After the stamp show, I’ll stay another week and visit Thessaloniki which Nige highly recommended and is only 4 hours away from Sofia.


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