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A Morning at the Park

As always, we tend to overlook our backyards when it comes to tourism. Admittedly, my Dad had taken me fishing at Bill Baggs State Park when I was a kid. I remember the Australian Pines and their needles all over the ground. I remember a lighthouse that was old and closed off. Fast forward 35+ years, past Hurricane Andrew in 1992 which wiped out all the Australian Pines, past 1996 when the renovated lighthouse was re-opened. Now it’s 2009, and I’m looking for something to do with my sister-in-law, Nina, that’s close to home. On the internet, BBSP claims to have one of the best beaches in the USA. So this morning we went for breakfast at BBSP’s Lighthouse Cafe. Nina ate a pretty good shrimp omelet for $6. Then we checked out the lighthouse tour and the keeper’s cottage. The cottage was cute and air conditioned. It had a short informational movie about Cape Florida’s history and restoration of the lighthouse. We enjoyed the film, climbed the lighthouse’s 109 stairs to admire the view, and then went to the north beach to float in the extremely calm water. The only sour note was the mosquitoes. Nina was particularly tasty to them. With a little application of Deet, problem solved.


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