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Do You Know the Way to San Jose (CR)?

Our flight was delayed by an hour due to a heavy rainstorm. Had a problem with kiosk check-in because my name had been entered with too many spaces on the original reservation. Almost lost my shoelace during security check. It fell off when I took off my shoes. The guards had to run the lace through the x-ray before they would give it to me.

We made it to San Jose by 6 p.m. Customs ran our backpacks through an x-ray as we exited. Our friend, Mike, was waiting for us outside the airport amidst the cigarette smokers. He was happy to finally get to breathe fresh air again. Grabbed the bus to the town center and walked through the downtown pedestrian streets. Everything is lit up and festooned with Christmas decorations. Earl noticed that there are no street signs anywhere. Too bad my camera was packed away.

Mike tells us that addresses are given by stating a landmark and then a direction and meters. Another bus trip to Cartago Province where Mike’s home is located. Mike tells us that now we have already visited three provinces in Costa Rica as the airport was in Alajuela province.

Mike has a pet palm viper and eyelash viper and shows us his squirrel monkey skull that he found in his yard.
Palm Viper

We have squash and eggs with rice and avocado for dinner. Mike gives us some homemade hot sauce made with vinegar and rocoto pepper.
Mandarin Lemon

Rocoto Pepper

Our hosts, Mike and Marabelle

We also try some fresh cacao and roasted cacao beans.


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