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Hu Hu Shui Mountain

Where does one go in the middle of summer to beat the heat? Try Hu Hu Shui Mountain in Hebei Province, China. There are numerous waterfalls which give off sufficient spray. Add in some bubbling springs, stepping stones, caves, a temple, hanging cliff coffins, hundreds of tourists and enough vendors to keep everyone happy. Here’s some photos from our Sunday trip.

Our group, I don’t know everyone’s name yet.

Traditional  “I was there”  photo

So simple, a caveman can do it.
Live actors make stone tools

It’s Father’s Day


Stepping stones.  No one fell in, but someone did lose a shoe.

With binoculars one can see the coffin niches

Watch out for water shooters!

Placing sticks for benefit

Farming terraces in the background

Niall and Ben enjoy the sign

Dan uses my bamboo walking stick as lethal weapon

Dan, Marisa & Min enjoying the waterfall spray

Lunch – No one opened the packets of chicken feet.  We also stopped for watermelon.


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