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Soldier’s Delight Natural Environment Area

We joined Volunteer Ranger and mining historian Johnny Johnsson on a two mile Mining History Hike to the historic Choate chromium mine. The history of mining in Soldiers Delight was supplemented by demonstration of various mining artifacts.  There was an opportunity to pan chrome sands in a restored buddle (kind of like panning for gold).  

We were treated to the origin of the words “Jackhammer” and “yellow cab”. Stories about “Soldier’s Delight”, murderous plots and other interesting historic tidbits. The tour lasted over 2.5 hours. It was lots of fun.  

The trails were a bit wet because of yesterday’s unseasonable early snowfall but it did make for some pretty scenery on this clear sunny day.

Demonstration of three types of headlamps -- the candle, oil lamp and propane.

Panning for chromium ore.

Chromium Ore

Serpentine Rock

Autumn Leaves

Leftover from Yesterday's Early Snow

Photo of Old Mine

Winter is Coming


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