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Packing for a two month trip to Asia

For anyone who’s interested, this is what I plan on taking for my trip to Korea, China and Mongolia.

One medium backpack (a GoLite jam – lightweight bought for Grand Canyon hike back in 2006).
3/4 inch thermarest. small sleeping bag and silk sleeping sack.
Nalgene container and water purification tablets.
eyeshade, earplugs, inflatable pillow

Nylon waterproof zip trousers. leggings, cargos that convert to shorts.
tank top, ss shirt, ls shirt, poly blend ss dress. 4 pairs of socks and undies.
hiking boots, flip flops. bandana, hat, sweater, windbreaker, scarf
swimsuit, smock, vest of many pockets.
sunglasses, spare pair of eyeglasses

3 phrasebooks (korean, chinese, mongolian). Lonely planet guide for Mongolia.

Netbook, cell phone, ebook reader.
binoculars, little camera, big camera

Misc. drugs for travel ailments, antibiotics, vitamins, etc.
Comb, hairnet, towels, wash cloth, baby shampoo, dental floss, toothpaste/brush.
sewing kit, tweezers, scissors, scotch tape, stretchy clothesline and clothespins
compass, whistle. notebook, pencils, pen, postcards, name cards, and map of the world.

cloth bag, plastic trash bag, handbag, poncho.
flashlight, alarm clock, batteries
moneybelt, passport and printout of lodgings, airlines, etc.

and one bivy tent, a gift – thanks to my sister-in-law.


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