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Eleshnitza, Bulgaria

My friends took me to see the colorful traditions in Eleshnitza, Bulgaria for 1st of May. Most of these photos were taken by my friend who is over 6 ft tall and therefore can take photos over the heads of the crowds. This place was located about two hours south of Sofia near Bansko Ski Resort and the Pirin Mountains. Notice the hairy Kukeri with the 4 foot tall hats.  Kukeri are costumes to scare away the evil spirits.  Other costumes usually involve priests, demons, and an old man for comic relief. For the festivities there is also folk dancing and songs. kukeri14 kukeri13 kukeri12 kukeri11 kukeri10 kukeri09 kukeri08 kukeri07 kukeri06 Kukeri05 Kukeri04 Kukeri03 kukeri01


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