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About Me

I was dropped off at an orphanage in Seoul, Korea on Xmas eve 1959, old enough to be weaned but still in diapers so my birthday is only a guess. Mailed ordered as a baby to America and adopted by a multi-cultural family.

Grew up with Hungarian/Irish/Jewish/Catholic influences. My father was in the tropical fish business so often would disappear to remote, exotic places such as Peru, Colombia and the Amazon. I was raised with monkeys, wild cats and other exotic pets (before the practice was banned) along with the traditional dogs, cats, hamsters and parakeets.

I have lived most of my life in South Florida although I have spent a lot of time in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. I haven’t been to Australia, NZ, South Pacific or India, yet.

I have survival Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French and Bulgarian. I play violin, viola, and classical guitar on a very elementary level. I am currently attempting to learn the cello.

I share a one bedroom hovel near downtown Miami with my husband, Earl, who is a family lawyer. He has played the fiddle for almost as long as I’ve been alive. We both qualify for Mensa. Our home has 8 fish tanks, 2 degus (Chilean rodents), 2 parakeets, 2 lovebirds and a cockatiel.


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