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Rocky Mountain National Park

Had to go to Denver on business but had a chance to finally visit Rocky Mountain National Park.  Took two hikes, one 3 mile (near Bear Lake) and one 4 mile (Wild Basin).  It was lovely as the trees are starting to change color.







Locust Point, Fells Point – Baltimore

A Monday hiking group had decided to have a walk from the Korean War Memorial today.  I took the Metro and bus to the starting point. Paul gave a brief talk about the memorial and then the group hopped on the harbor commuter and we went to Locust Point where the UnderArmour Headquarters is located. We checked out the immigration memorial and then took another boat ride to Fells Point.  We began our two mile walk along the harbor, followed by lunch.  Here’s a few photos from today’s excursion. I didn’t bother to take any photos of the mother Canadian goose with her two goslings, sorry.


Free boat rides


A view from the boat


Kayaks or Canoes?


Immigrants used to hop on a train station from the harbor and head west without ever stopping in Baltimore


Some famous Oriole?


Homes along Fells Point



Rugby, by the school. I think this is the music hall.


With friends in front of the Rubert Brooke statue. Rubert Brooke was an up and coming poet who’s life got cut short by WWI. Yeats liked his poetry.


Statute of the founder of the game of Rugby.


Finches in the yard of my friend in London.


Flying over Greenland.

Waco Museum

Fish in Ohio

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Birds in Ohio

Visiting Relatives in Ohio

It’s been almost thirty years since the last visit!

Minneapolis Zoo

It was over 90 degrees. The enclosed tropical rain forest was cooler than the regular part of the zoo.

Camels were in the lake.


Sea Dragons are neat.

Minneapolis Queen

A dinner cruise on the Mississippi


Up at 5am to catch Southwest Flight via Denver to Minneapolis.
Settled into Hotel by 3:15pm. Hotel concierge arranged for our group to go to a local restaurant for dinner with complimentary shuttle service. Weather is nice today but it supposed to turn much hotter by the weekend.